Patch Notes: December 2016

Huge UI Overhaul:
We want to make your Four Kings experience as clear as possible so we felt it was time to freshen things up. Today we’ve released the first in a series of UI updates to the Main Menu, VIP, Rewards, Store and Tasks. Future updates will include the wardrobes, clothings stores, maps and more!

New Daily Reward Calendar 
Load up the new Tasks menu to see an all new way to earn free bonuses. Simply select the next available day on the Reward Calendar and earn a reward – it’s that easy. Returning every day will have you winning bigger value prizes. Make sure you login and click to redeem your daily prize. Bonuses include Chips, RP, VIP Access and even extra Daily Slot Spins all yours simply by returning each day.

Fresh Trophies
Three new trophies have been added to Four Kings for those trophy hunters out there. The latest theme is Blackjack, and all the details can be found in your Trophies section.  — Good Luck!

Store Update — December 14th
New Chip Pack
We’ve added the all new Jackpot Pack to the chips store. This chip pack includes a whopping 1,000,000 chips for purchase. Best of all, this pack comes with an exclusive bonus item which is limited to one month of sale. That’s right – a new bonus will be available each month for purchase with this pack. Check the store each month to see what new bonuses are for sale.

But wait…we didn’t stop there!
We know how much you like to tear up the dance floor so we’ve added an all new Dance Party option to your emote menu. Purchase a dance party and the whole room will have access to all available dances for a limited time. Best of all, everyone will know you were the one that got the party started when your name is broadcast to the entire room. Throw your friends a party today!

Additional Notes:
•Two NPCs added
•Nobility 8 Added — The Wizard
•5 new Bonus Reward Easter Eggs
•Some Holiday Cheer to be release before the New Year
•Various other bug fixes – Thanks for all your help

Known Issue:
•If you have over 100 Casino Friends, you make experience issues attempting to Gift Chips. This will be resolved in our January Update.

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