Patch Notes: Poker and Nobility 6

Nobility 6 has arrived! Our high end VIPs should check out the nobility menu to see what magical items can be unlocked!

Poker has been reworked with several improvements.
•    You can now reconnect if you are disconnected from a poker game
•    If you are disconnected, your avatar will check/fold until you return or the reconnect timer is up
•    Added new emotes and animations which can be performed at the poker table by pressing R1
•    Improved Stability

User Interface
We’ve updated the user interface for all games.
•    Easier to read in-game dialogue boxes and messages
•    Task tracker and notifications will now automatically minimize when entering a mini-game
•    Task tracker and notifications now correctly appear in 2D mini-games

Other Changes
•    Updated Walk/Run cycles
•    Added new daily and weekly tasks
•    New “Social Club” Trophy pack added
•    When logging into the Casino, you will return to the room you were in when you left.
•    Entering a table game will now remove oversize hand items
•    Blocking a user will now also make you invisible to them
•    Bingo instances created at the bottom of the hour will now properly spawn with a free game
•    Camera Zoom setting will be saved when you log off
•    New loading icon
•    New logo screen on game start

Known Issues
•    Achieving VIP1 or purchasing the All-In package will not let you into VIP until you log out and back in
•    Poker observers will sometimes lose sync with the game they are viewing. Leaving the room and returning will temporarily resolve this.
•    L2-Chat for poker is not currently working.


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