Update 1.063 – UI revisions and event rewards

Update 1.063
  • Updated UI
  • New Emotes – blow kiss, applause, peace sign. These FREE emotes are available in the “greetings”, “celebration” and “conversation” categories

New event rewards!

  • First place in each event will receive a Championship Ring unique to each event.
  • Players finishing in the top 10 will also receive a unique item for each event.
  • Survivor Poker – Floating chip Accessory
  • Blackjack – Floating Blackjack Card Accessory
  • Hill Climb – Floating Crown Accessory
  • Slots – Floating Cherry Accessory

New User Interface
We’ve revamped our user interface in this update. This is part of an ongoing process in which we will be updating various parts of the UI over the following months. Our goal is to make the UI more visually attractive as well as functional.

For this update we have updated the task tracker and notification system, and added a new Event Tracker.

  • Task tracker and notification UI updated with new graphics
  • New Message of the Day Dialogue

Task Tracker

  • Task tracker will now always show 6 tasks, with daily tasks at the top
  • Pressing T will minimize or maximize the Tracker and notification UI
  • Clicking on tasks with your mouse will open the full Task menu.

Event Tracker
We’ve added a new Event Tracker which will help you track your progress in events.

  • Tournament Rank and Tournament Score refer to your position in the current event sub-division of the entire event (ex blackjack is subdivided into two-hour tournaments)
  • Event Rank and Score correspond to your overall position in the entire weekend long event.

Various notifications will appear along the right-side of the screen to better inform you of things going on in the casino. These notifications include:

  • Free Chips available
  • Hidden chips available
  • Free/Progressive Bingo game coming up
  • Friend requests and invites (clicking on these will open the friends menu to allow you to respond).


New Interface options:

  • Added an option to show/hide the Event Tracker
  • Added an option to increase UI margin if the UI is getting cropped off the side of your monitor.
  • Added an option to adjust HUD opacity for the new UI

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