Player Spotlight: ReccaWolf’s Penthouse Tour

Today’s Player Spotlight features ReccaWolf, who has been kind enough to give everyone a tour of the newest Escape at The Four Kings.

From the video description:

The newest attraction in the Escapes line of apartments is the Penthouse suite in Four Kings Casino’s newest update. Enjoy yourself in a high-class room with elegance and grace, and wow your friends with your new pad and your very own outdoor luxury. Owners of this new apartment will be able to put in or take out your own chip money via wall safe near the entrance. Your HUB will also note your money inside your vault under your RP and chip money total. And speaking of RP, this fabulous suite can be yours for only 1 million RP! Yep, you heard right! If you’re looking forward to having this apartment suite of your very own, enjoy the video tour, and keep winning those hard earned RP. 😉

Thanks, ReccaWolf!

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