Wondering how to get the most out of your daily rewards in The Four Kings Casino and Slots? Here are some tips that’ll help you maximize your free chips!

VIPs Earn More!

The VIP point system is based on RP (reward points). Once you earn enough RP for the month, you will be granted VIP access. Qualifying for VIP Status will instantly grant you that VIP level for the remainder of the month, and you can continue to earn RP to level up to VIP Level 3. You’ll retain your status for the next month and have until the end of the month to earn RP to maintain your status. Many sources of chips, such as daily login rewards, Daily Super Slot winnings, and task rewards will grant even more chips depending on your VIP Level, with up to a 4X multiplier for VIP Level 3! Check your VIP Status from the main menu for more details and to see your progress.

Check your VIP Status from the menu to see your progress and the bonuses you’ll earn!

The Daily Grind

Every day there’s new chances to win. You’ll get daily login chips and one Daily Slot Spin each day you log in, as well as a new set of daily tasks. From the task menu, you can also claim a reward from the Daily Reward Calendar each day, which could be chips, RP, Guest Passes, or extra Daily Slot Spins. The rewards increase the more you claim them in a month! Daily login chips and completing all daily tasks give a nice bonus, but did you know that doing so for multiple consecutive days will grant even bigger rewards? Starting at 500, each additional day in a row will grant you more chips — up to 1,000 chips for logging in and another 1,000 for completing all daily tasks. This is also increased further by your VIP multiplier!

While you receive a free spin at the Daily Super Slots each day, there are ways to earn extras, so be sure to use them all!

A Noble Task

Every Global Tier and every 5 Game Tiers, you’ll earn chip bonuses up to Tier 40 in each category, so it can be rewarding to play a variety of different games! Check your next reward levels and progress from Game Stats on the menu. Already reached Global Tier 40? You can increase your Nobility Level for even more rewards, chips, and to reset your existing tiers and their rewards!

Global Tiers give rewards every level, while other Tiers give rewards every 5 levels.

Free Play

For those confident in their poker skills, each day you can play one game of Free Poker in the Poker Room, with the game’s winner receiving 5,000 chips! It can also make for good practice before buying into a round of tournament poker. There’s also free games of Bingo to join every hour in the Bingo Room.

You could win 5,000 chips for a Free Poker win, and it’s a great way to warm up for some real stakes Poker!


By maximizing your free chips and daily tasks and rewards, you can make the most out of your Four Kings Casino experience and earn even more rewards and benefits!